Officinalis® Protective Fly Repellent Flower System

Officinalis® Protective Fly Repellent Flower System
Brand: Officinalis
Item Number: 470353
MSRP Starting At: $24.95

Product Description

Using the intense scent of Lavender Essential Oil, this all-natural collection of products helps to ward off flying insects.
Shampoo your horse with the Protective Shampoo, then apply a 10 drops of 100% natural Lavender extracts to the microfiber flower diffuser disk. Attach the disk to saddle pad or clothing for 8-12 hours of protection.
Gradual release scent system.
Kit contains:
1- 30 ml Bottle of 100% Lavender extracts
30- flower diffuser disks
5- shampoo packs

Good for 30 applications.
(Contains ingredients currently prohibited by USEF)

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