Learn Why Everything Fits Better with a Cheata Bra

There are many realities about sports bras. But the biggest reality just might happen to be that the sports bra that you’re currently wearing might not be doing its job appropriately.

Do you have to layer on sports bras? Or even employ such tactics like duct tape to keep “the girls” tame while you’re going over the oxer? You’re not alone.

This is the foundation of why the Cheata Bra was created. The designer saw a need for a bra that had to be entirely different from the rest of the ones found at sports and fitness retailers. Made for women by a woman, she knew it wasn’t about the size of her cups, but the weight of the breast tissue sitting in the cup of the bra. And the mechanics of the perfect sports bra needed to address the weight, not the size.

It’s All in The Mechanics

Typical, everyday bras and sports bras tend to push the breast tissue up for a more vivacious look. However, the higher the breast tissue is pushed, the heavier your breasts tend to feel, which then means they’ll bounce more and apply more pressure on your shoulders.

With that in mind, the mechanics of the Cheata Bra are different, not only in how you put it on and adjust it but in how it gives you support with a slimming effect.

Made with exclusive Stretx Technology fabric, the Cheata Bra won’t stretch out, won’t hold in heat or water, and it won’t hold odor. Once you put on the Cheata Bra, it almost becomes a second, albeit tighter, skin that moves with you.

Not only does it minimize your chest and provide support so you don’t have to worry about your center of gravity being thrown out of whack, but the Cheata Bra’s compression smoothens your body and provides a slimming effect, thus making your clothes fit better and your silhouette more athletic and feminine.

Better Performance

Jumpers and eventers who wearing a safety vest already have to worry about feeling bulky. But, with the Cheata Bra, the sleek design means everything else fits more appropriately, thus helping your safety vest do its job more effectively.

How is that? With a typical bra, your breasts push the front of the safety vest out, creating a gap of space between your body and your vest. This causes the vest to shift while riding, make you feel bulky and compromising your ability to ride correctly and safely. Even worse, if you were to fall off your horse, the vest would no perform properly because of that gap—it can’t absorb the energy. With the Cheata Bra, the vest will fit you properly, with less bulk that frees up your upper body. The vest becomes one with your body so that if you do fall, the vest will absorb the energy, not your body.

This is why the Cheata Bra is now not only growing in popularity with the equestrian world but also for law enforcement and our servicewomen in the Marine Corps. The Cheata Bra helps body armor fit better, thus protecting those who protect us.


Finding the right size for you is easy. Using a measuring tape, measure around the largest part of your back, above your breast tissue. Whatever number you get corresponds with the number on our size chart.

The comfort and slimming effect of the Cheata Bra means it’s the perfect fit for the saddle, during a race, while on duty or in the gym.

View the Cheata range.

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