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Magnetic Therapy for Horses

Magnetic Therapy is a non-invasive drug-free treatment of injuries. The magnetic fields stimulate blood flow and, at the same time, helps with cellular growth and ligament repair. Because of their polarity, magnets draw blood to the area that they are placed in.

How does it work?

The cells, whose fundamental task is the production of energy, have an electric voltage that feeds a coordinated activity on a level of tissues and organs. In a situation of internal or external injury, cell activity is compromised and the consequences are inflammation, pain, etc. The creation of a magnetic field by means of permanently magnetized NEODYMIUM plates having several polarities help restore the biological energy, slowing down the physiological deterioration of tissues.

Effects of magnetic fields:

The magnetic fields favor and facilitate lymphatic and blood microcirculation, the change and use of nutrient substances by the cells, the natural biological defense system and the elimination of metabolic waste matter. Moreover, the magnetic fields provide significant benefits in all inflammatory processes, which are often accompanied by pain. The benefit is obtained through a reduction of the inflammatory process and, at the same time, an analgesic action with respect to the tissue nerve fibers.


Magnetotherapy also stimulates vasodilatation, i.e. increases the blood flow to the injured part, speeds up the elimination of dead cells and toxins, relaxes the muscles and reduces swelling. The static magnetic energy also stimulates the production of ELASTIN and COLLAGEN, which are indispensable elements for the reconstruction of tissues.

Whether you’re practicing injury prevention, or have a horse going through rehab, Veredus USA’s Magnetik products will give your horse the Body Therapy support they need.

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