Headline IT!® Helmet Liners

Headline IT!® Helmet Liners
Brand: Headline IT!
Item Number: 467138
Size: Pack of 10
MSRP Starting At: $39.99

Product Description

Headline It!® Stop Sweat Safety liners

ULTIMATE SWEAT PROTECTION: #1 Accessory for Fighting Heat/Cold Stress & Adding Safety.
For use in hard hats, bump caps, helmets, hats, and all headwear items.
Average use 10-14 days.
10 individually wrapped liners per box. One size fits all.

SAFETY- hands-free sweat protection
COOLING- regulates core body temperature
COMFORT- ultra thin, high tech wick wear
ODOR FREE- locks in oils, salts & odors
HYGIENE- eliminates sweat stains
HEALTH- reduces acne & irritations
CLEAR VISION- stops dripping sweat

Use 2 liners for Maximum Sweat Protection; 1 liner in front of helmet & 1 in back.
Only apply to a clean, dry area. Wipe away oils and debris, before applying liners.

“Why Sweat It? Headline It!®”

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