Hester's Jaquar MonoFlap

Brand: PDS Carl Hester
Item Number: 476002
Color: Black
Size: 16.5 LF, 16.5 MED, 16.5 SF, 17 LF, 17 MED, 17 SF, 17.5 LF, 17.5 MED, 17.5 SF, 18 LF, 18 MED, 18 SF
MSRP Starting At: $5,795.00

Product Description

Designed with consideration of a modern dressage horse that has a larger frame bred for power, this saddle is a perfect fit for a horse with little-to-no wither and a more barrel-shaped body. The close contact tree offers the ultimate feel in a dressage saddle.

Independent wool flocked panels; Molded external knee pad/block.

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