PDS Carl Hester Integro II Monoflap

PDS Carl Hester Integro II Monoflap
Brand: PDS Carl Hester
Item Number: 490021
Color: Medium Wide
Size: 16.5
MSRP Starting At: $4,795.00

Product Description

Built on the Legacy Jump Tree to allow the least amount of interference for the horse’s body due to the short points which allow maximum scapular movement. Center balanced seat promotes upright posture in the rider. Specifically designed with minimal rigging under the leg to allow proper position, and combined with the monoflap design, provides extreme close contact. Concave block design allows the leg to rest securely against it in a comfortable, natural manner without interference to the knee, which encourages a quiet lower leg.

Especially good for eventers because the horses can go from jump saddles to dressage with the least amount of change in the tree/fit. Can be very comfortable for riders with bad backs as it allows more freedom of positioning for the rider.

Very short/upswept panels to accommodate short backed or croup high horses. Also ideal for use on multiple horses – our most universally fitting saddle. Patented AMS® synthetic wool panels are softer and kinder to the horse’s back, and combined with the wider channel, encourage the horse to lift and use its back more effectively, while providing the rider with a smoother, shock absorbing ride.

XCH™ gullet system comes with Medium-Wide gullet plate. Uses PESSOA gullet plates #466892. Other size gullet plates are available from Narrow through XXX-Wide.

9” block can work for all riders, even shorter ones that prefer more support.

The Carl Hester Collection by PDS® is a unique saddle collection, developed in conjunction with Carl Hester MBE, designed to maximize horse and rider performance.

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