AeroWick Knee Patch Jod Child's Ovation

AeroWick Knee Patch Jod Child's Ovation
Brand: Ovation
Item Number: 470484
Color: Neutral Beige
Size: 2X-Large (16), Large (12), Medium (10), PLUS 2X-Large (16), PLUS Large (12), PLUS Medium (10), PLUS X-Large (14), Small (8), X-Large (14), X-Small (6)
MSRP Starting At: $59.95

Product Description

With Grip-Tec™ Silicone Knee Patches, cuff bottom and elastic jod straps. AeroWick™ is a smooth ultra-lightweight spun Polyester Spandex that is two times softer, three times stronger, and wicks eight times faster than Cotton. It has maximum motion 4 way stretch, long lasting shape retention and is stain, odor and microbial resistant.

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