BugPellent™ Starter Kit - Case of 12

BugPellent™ Starter Kit - Case of 12
Brand: BugPellent
Item Number: 468696
Color: None
Size: Case 12
MSRP Starting At: $264.95

Product Description

Safe Continuous Pest Control that Works!
Refillable & Non-Toxic
Hang BugPellentâ„¢ in a barn, carriage house, garage, patio or deck area. Pleasant vapor release repels flies and other insects.

-Replaces whole barn spray systems which expose people and animals to toxic chemicals
-Economical refills available
-Contains no pyrethrins, pyrethrums or pyrethoids
-Contains only natural essential oil and organic waxes
-Does not require batteries or an electrical outlet

Each BugPellent will repel biting flies and other insects over an open space of up to 4,000 cubic feet.

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