Signature Braided Stretch Belt Ovation®

Signature Braided Stretch Belt Ovation®
Brand: Ovation
Item Number: 471330
Color: Black/Lavender/Grey, Cool Blue/Confetti, Navy/Roy/Reef
Size: Large 40, Large 110cm, Medium 36, Medium 105cm, Small 33, Xsmall 30
MSRP Starting At: $29.95

Product Description

Stretch braided belt looks great, sits comfortably and is versatile. Super stretchy material provides the proper fit that won’t gap in the back. Lays flat for a flattering and put together look. A belt that moves with you! You will never have to choose between comfort and keeping your breeches in place again! Our Braided Stretch Belts are made of elastic, braided into a classic pattern, and finished with beautiful leather and a stainless steel buckle.

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